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Schluter DITRA-HEAT-E Heating Cable (sizes from 1.1m2 to 22.7m2)

Schlüter®-DITRA-HEAT-E Makes The Installation Of Underfloor Heating Simpler & Easier Than Ever Before

Combines The Flexibility Of Loose Heating Cables With The Ease Of Installation On Mat Systems

Cables Can Be Placed Wherever Heat Is Desired

Cables Ranging From 1.1m² (12.07LM) to 22.7m² (244.37LM)

Option Product Code Price Quantity
0.4m (4.57LM) DHEHK4

£71.34 INC VAT

£59.45 EX VAT

0.6m (6.76LM) DHEHK6

£73.79 INC VAT

£61.49 EX VAT

1.1m (12.07LM) DHEHK12

£115.62 INC VAT

£96.35 EX VAT

1.6m (17.66LM) DHEHK17

£136.52 INC VAT

£113.77 EX VAT

2.2m (23.77LM) DHEHK23

£152.53 INC VAT

£127.11 EX VAT

2.7m (29.87LM) DHEHK29

£180.59 INC VAT

£150.49 EX VAT

3.3m (35.97LM) DHEHK35

£207.97 INC VAT

£173.31 EX VAT

3.8m (41.56LM) DHEHK41

£231.25 INC VAT

£192.71 EX VAT

4.4m (47.67LM) DHEHK47

£265.69 INC VAT

£221.41 EX VAT

5.0m (53.77LM) DHEHK53

£295.21 INC VAT

£246.01 EX VAT

5.5m (59.87LM) DHEHK59

£345.07 INC VAT

£287.56 EX VAT

6.6m (71.57LM) DHEHK71

£361.63 INC VAT

£301.36 EX VAT

7.7m (83.77LM) DHEHK83

£420.66 INC VAT

£350.55 EX VAT

8.8m (95.47LM) DHEHK95

£482.14 INC VAT

£401.78 EX VAT

10.0m (107.67LM) DHEHK107

£530.14 INC VAT

£441.78 EX VAT

12.7m (136.16LM) DHEHK136

£642.36 INC VAT

£535.30 EX VAT

15.0m (164.07LM) DHEHK164

£763.80 INC VAT

£636.50 EX VAT

17.7m (192.27LM) DHEHK192

£894.20 INC VAT

£745.17 EX VAT

20.0m (216.27LM) DHEHK216

£1036.31 INC VAT

£863.59 EX VAT

22.7m (244.37LM) DHEHK244

£1157.18 INC VAT

£964.32 EX VAT


In the Schlüter®-DITRA-HEAT-E system, heating cables are installed within the uncoupling mat. Thanks to the patented DITRA technology, the system for electrical floor heating can also be used on problematic substrates such as wooden beam structures, green screeds, or cracked subfloors without any risk of damage to the tile covering or the heating cables. Furthermore, the assembly prevents damage to the covering based on fast temperature fluctuations. 

DITRA-HEAT combines the flexibility of loose heating cables with the ease of installation of mat systems.

Cables can be placed wherever heat is desired, without creating height differences in the floor.

Self-levelling compounds are not required to encapsulate the cables, significantly reducing installation time and effort.


Nominal voltage 230 Volt
   ~ 136 W/m² (spacing: every third stud ≙ 9 cm)
   ~ 200 W/m² (spacing: every second stud ≙ 6 cm)
Cold connection line 1 x 4,00 m
Minimum installation temperature 5 °C
Smallest bending radius 6 x dA
Resistance tolerance -5 % / +10 % at 20 °C
VDE tested IEC 60800 Class M1
Cold-warm transition Seamless, without shrink technology
Insulation Fluoroplastic
Fuse model IPX7

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